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Long time no see, website! First up, here's some news about where you can find artwork--BY ME!!--in Los Angeles: I'll be showing a piece in a glorious show titled MUCHOS KSTEW: An artistic tribute to the actress Kristen Stewart, which you can check out at the Meltdown Comics Gallery. The show is up from April 7 - April 20. Check out a preview of the Panic Room poster I created for this holiest of events by clicking the thumbnail below.

To find other work by yours truly, please feel free to visit my Vimeo page, where I am happy to say you can find the full HD version of "7th," and a rather silly Tumblr page where you can find various scribbles and oddities. Enjoy! Updates to the site are on their way.



I've been screening my new film "7th" around festivals lately and thought I'd write a short update on its screening locations. Click on the link below to watch the full film on Vimeo.


38th Student Academy Awards Regional Finalist
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011 - Semifinalist
PEI Film Festival 2011 - Best Animation
LA Animation Festival 2010 - Unfinished Masterpiece


Fest Anca 2012
Northwest Animation Festival 2012
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival 2012
Indie Spirit Film Festival, 2012
Crossroads Film Festival, 2012
Animayo Festival 2012
BioWall Video Installation, 2012
Catsuka, l'émission TV sur Nolife Feb 8, 2012
ReadyMade Film Fest San Francisco 2011
Animation Breakdown 2011
Kinofest 2011
Festival Premis Ciutat de Palma 2011
Int. Film Festival Hannover 2011
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011
Animation Block Party 2011
ReadyMade Film Fest 2011
Square Lake Film Fest 2011



I've created a new animation reel! Click on the image below to view. You can also head over to Vimeo to see the reel in high definition!



I've updated the animation page with a short abstract piece I completed last year, Song of Stone. It features music by my wonderful and talented friend, composer Sage Lewis. Swing by and take a look!



Here's a quick preview for some new sculptural work I'm planning to add to the misc. page. (I think I'm going to have to reorganize soon, since that page is getting ridiculously filled up!) Take a look by clicking the image below. It's a maquette of my beach girl character, the star of my next film, sculpted in WED clay.



Lots of news! First off, I have some new additions to the site in the pipeline. As soon as I have a free moment I am planning to update my animation page, illustration page, bio and resume. Those changes should be added within a few weeks.

I'm also thrilled to announce that my first year short film at CalArts, 7th, has won the prize for "Unfinished Masterpiece" at the Los Angeles Animation Festival! If you're in the area, an encore screening of the festival's winning films takes place tomorrow night at Cinefamily, so check it out!

Finally, I've joined the fine artists at WayForward Technologies in the creation of a few games that will be hitting the market in the future, so be on the lookout for that. More news on that as it becomes available. And as always, thanks for visiting the site!



I have a new animation reel. Check it out here, or click the image below. My first year film at CalArts is still in the works (you can see clips in the reel), so check back later for more information!



Lots of updates!

First off, there are some new additions to the Character Design section of the misc. page--head on over and check it out.

Also, there's a whole new "Sketch" section now located on the illustration page. I know I'm stretching the textbook definition of "illustration" here a little, but the drawings practically begged to be located in this section, and I think they fit there quite well. Hop on over and take a look. The new work includes a few left-handed sketches I tried out as an exercise, and I quite like the result. I think it's a method I'll use again in the future. There are also some new illustrations at the bottom, so be on the lookout for those as well!

Finally, I've put together a reel of the work I've done over the past 6 months at CalArts. Some of the clips are just short exercises, but others are sections of longer films I am diligently working on finishing. Keep an eye out for updates in the future on these new works! In the meantime, click the screen cap below to go to the reel.



Here is a small running test of a character in a new film I am working on. I'm experimenting with full animation and texture in Flash, and will hopefully discover some new and interesting techniques throughout the course of this project.

Some time in the next couple of weeks I will upload a reel of my body of work at CalArts. Look forward to it!



I am happy to announce that this website is now up-to-date! I knew I'd catch up with the present sooner or later. Aside from a few doodles I may stick on the "misc" page later, I'm happy with the body of work that is online now. Of course, I plan to update with new work from CalArts as I finish it.

Take a look at the animation page to access examples of the Flash work I've been making for the past couple of years.



Every time I come back to update my site with a teeny bit of new work, I promise to myself I'm going to follow through and post every new piece of art and animation from the past 3 years. Each time I promise I'll update more within the next few weeks, only to sheepishly re-appear 4 months later. Whoops. C'est la vie, am I right?

Anyway, I have a bit of news. Starting this fall (as in, a week or so from today) I will be back in school! I am in hot pursuit of a MFA in Experimental Animation at the wonderful California Institute of the Arts. I am thrilled to be attending their graduate program and look forward to working with the staff and fellow students.

I'm in the process of updating the site with some of my work from XDSCO (you can check out the illustration and misc. pages at this very moment!) and I promise it's actually getting done this time. At least, for now...



I recently participated in a Munny show at Robot Love in Downtown Minneapolis. The show is up until May 3, so if you are in the area be sure to check it out! You can take a look at photos from the opening of the event, as well as the Munny figures, here and here.

Find out more about Munny here.

Click below to see more photos of my Munny.



I've updated the animation page to reflect some of the work I've been doing recently. And finally the Misc. page has a bit of live-action film in it as well. II have much, much more to upload so check back later! Also, Happy Holidays!



Wow, it has been a long, long time since I've update this page. Please forgive me, SaraSpot; you know I've been busy. There are a few updates to get out of the way, first of all. I'm happy to announce that I've spent the past year working with the wonderful people at X Design Studios creating original games and animation. I love the work and cannot wait to share some of it here.

I plan to update the animation, comic, illustration and misc. sections of the site in the upcoming weeks with some of my new work, both from X Design Studios and work from personal and freelance jobs (which will hopefully include a major demo reel overhaul). This past month I worked with the lovely people at MAKE visual on two commercial spots, which should soon be available for viewing online.



My film has been selected to screen at the Wizard World Film Festival at the Wizard World Convention here in L.A. I'm excited to see the audience's reaction to the piece, considering this is a different crowd from the standard film festival audience. Anybody planning to attend Wizard World anytime from March 16-18 should check it out. The festival schedule is available here.



The Comic section of the website has finally been updated. Head on over there to see some of the comic work I've done.
Also, new reviews of Ballyvaughan Story can be found at South Axholme's Animation Blog. Check out the rest of the blog, as well.
Finally, Ballyvaughan Story is now available for viewing on AniBOOM, where you can rate it and comment. Please do so!



I have started animating a new film! This time around I'm co-directing with Ke Jiang. Please look forward to it! Click on the image below for a screenshot.



Ballyvaughan Story has been featured on several blogs recently, including No Fat Clips!!! Check out the review here.



I have joined forces with Rubber Chicken! Please visit their website to see some new flash animation by yours truly, and be sure to check on Valentine's Day, for a series of special sonnets!



The animation page is now up; be sure to check it out! Be sure to check back often for more updates.



Updates, finally! The illustration page is up, and animation is soon to follow. I apologize for the HUGE delay in getting this site put together. But now things are rolling and it should be finished in a matter of days. Thank you for your patience!



My short film Ballyvaughan Story has won the award for Best Animated Short at the LA Femme Film festival! I was very thrilled and amazed by all the other films in the festival. Go female filmmakers!



Due to unexpected turmoil, updates to the site have been long delayed. My resume is now available online here.
More updates within the next few days.



Constructions are still under way, but in the meantime I've uploaded my 2006 Demo Reel. Click here to view it.



Hello and welcome to! The website is currently under construction, but be sure to check back on June 1st to see animation, illustrations, comics, and much much more. Thank you for your patience.





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